Set up VN Peering on Azure

This is a guide for setting up a Virtual Network (VN) peering connection between the TigerGraph Cloud VN and another Azure VN.

1. Prerequisite

  • At least one unterminated TigerGraph Cloud cluster on Azure

2. Procedure

2.1. Choose the Azure VN to initiate peering from

From the Cloud Portal, navigate to Network  VPC Peering. From the platform list, click Initiate a VPC Peering.

Network Tab

In the pop-up window, choose Azure as your network platform. Then choose the region of the platform you want to initiate the peering connection from. Click Next.

2.2. Add TigerGraph Cloud to your Azure tenant

In the Peered VPC tab, fill in your Azure tenant ID and your VN ID (Resource ID for your VN). Click Next.

Click on the link in the instructions to add TigerGraph Cloud to your tenant. Doing so opens a new tab, and if authorization is successful, it will redirect you back to the cloud portal. You can now safely close this tab.

2.3. Assign Network Contributor role to TigerGraph Cloud VN Peerer

From the Azure portal, navigate to Virtual Networks and choose the network you are peering with. Then navigate to Access Control  Add  Add role assignment.

Role assignment

From the list of roles, choose Network Contributor. Click Next.

Click Select Members and search for TigerGraph VN Peerer. Select and click Review + assign. You’ll see a notification if the role assignment is successful.

2.4. Initiate peering

Go back to the Cloud Portal, and click Initiate Peering. If connection is successful, you’ll see the connection listed under Azure with its status shown as "Connected".