Schema Functions

The functions in this page retrieve information about the graph schema. All functions in this module are called as methods on a TigerGraphConnection object.


getSchema(udts: bool = True, force: bool = False) → dict

Retrieves the schema metadata (of all vertex and edge type and, if not disabled, the User-Defined Type details) of the graph.


  • udts: If True, the output includes User-Defined Types in the schema details.

  • force: If True, retrieves the schema metadata again, otherwise returns a cached copy of the schema metadata (if they were already fetched previously).


The schema metadata.



upsertData(data: Union[str, object], atomic: bool = False, ackAll: bool = False, newVertexOnly: bool = False, vertexMustExist: bool = False, updateVertexOnly: bool = False) → dict

Upserts data (vertices and edges) from a JSON file or a file with equivalent object structure.


  • data: The data of vertex and edge instances, in a specific format.

  • atomic: The request is an atomic transaction. An atomic transaction means that updates to the database contained in the request are all-or-nothing: either all changes are successful, or none are successful.

  • ackAll: If True, the request will return after all GPE instances have acknowledged the POST. Otherwise, the request will return immediately after RESTPP processes the POST.

  • newVertexOnly: If True, the request will only insert new vertices and not update existing ones.

  • vertexMustExist: If True, the request will only insert an edge if both the FROM and TO vertices of the edge already exist. If the value is False, the request will always insert new edges and create the necessary vertices with default values for their attributes. Note that this parameter does not affect vertices.

  • updateVertexOnly: If True, the request will only update existing vertices and not insert new vertices.


The result of upsert (number of vertices and edges accepted/upserted).



getEndpoints(builtin: bool = False, dynamic: bool = False, static: bool = False) → dict

Lists the REST++ endpoints and their parameters.


  • builtin: List the TigerGraph-provided REST++ endpoints.

  • dynamic: List endpoints for user-installed queries.

  • static: List static endpoints.

If none of the above arguments are specified, all endpoints are listed.