Actions are available on some widget types. They allow you to create customized links to external sites, to other pages in the application or to refresh the widget display with different parameters.

  1. First click Apply to save progress on your widget.

  2. Find the Create Action button on the widget edit menu.

  3. In the Text field, add the name of your widget. This will be the hyperlink text displayed for users to click on.

  4. In the URL dropdown, choose the destination.

    1. If you choose another application page, clicking the link will open up the new page.

    2. If you choose the same application page the widget is currently on, the widget will refresh with new parameters.

  5. Add as many parameters as you want.

Make sure you click Apply at the bottom of the widget menu before testing your Action link. Clicking the Action link navigates you away from the Edit Widget window without automatically saving your progress.